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About Us

Maurice Goldberg and Matthew Aberline are Goldberg Aberline Studio (GAS), a collaborative artist team best known for their huge colourful inflatable installations that have been shown around Australia and overseas including New York, London and Copenhagen. They are passionate about causing positive change through art. They do so by utilising scale, play and interactivity and to tell important, multi-generational stories about sustainability, social inclusion and cultural diversity.


GAS was formed in 2018 when architect, artist and a corporate leader Maurice Goldberg met feature film and live performance costume designer Matthew Aberline. Their unique combined skill set perfectly positioned them to combine traditional creative techniques like painting and sewing with digital processes, event design, digital projection and large scale architectural engineering. The result is a creative practice that is big, colourful and audacious while also celebrating organic forms and the idiosyncrasies of human handmade design. 


With a love of collaboration and passion for telling human stories, they have become known for their huge dynamic public displays that tour internationally, and their incredibly successful art workshops that are held live and online across the country. 


Notable projects and exhibitions include: LGBQTI+ public artwork ‘Live for Love’ toured The World Trade Centre in New York, Forecourt Cathedral Copenhagen and The Australian High Commision in London, collaborative Ingidenous artwork ‘Red Air’ toured festivals and galleries all over Australia including the Pilbara Desert, multiple pieces displayed in sculpture by the sea Bondi and Cottesloe 2018, 2019 and 2021. And antimicrobial resistance was explored in their huge inflatable, ‘Microbial’, for the United Nations World Congress in NYC. GAS are also recipients of The Australian Textile Fabrication Industry Award 2019.


Matthew Aberline

Matthew is a creative powerhouse and the brains behind the impossible textile structures of GAS. Before becoming an artist, Matt’s focus for two decades was designing and manufacturing costumes for film and theatre. He has designed countless productions at the Sydney Opera House and for national touring commercial shows and his costume design work has been shown at the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria, The Melbourne Museum, and is collected by the Powerhouse Museum. Fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar has described him as "An Icon of the Australian Style". He is interested in creating immersive art experiences that push the boundaries of 'how modern art works'.


Maurice Goldberg

Maurice is also an artist and architect who’s bold designs inform the visual identity of GAS, he also brings architectural expertise and business know-how to the duo. Maurice is a trained architect (BA Hons) who began his career designing and building houses and then moved into designing and building businesses. As a former CEO, he was always a disrupter and used his creative skills to design a new integration of property (REINSW) and investment advice (Dip FP). Business Review Weekly named him one of the most dynamic CEO’s in Australia. Maurice is passionate about creativity and believes its transformative power can change the world. 

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