Bubble is a giant, colourful, inflatable art installation for Arts Festivals, galleries and multilevel public spaces.


It's an art installation that you get to touch, and gives children and adults alike permission to play.  

 It can be fun and tactile, or deep and immersive. Each viewer goes on a journey as it abstractly explores the evolution of life, death and the universe, as explained by brightly coloured inflatable shapes. Each viewer brings their own distinct interpretation and depth to the work.

After a successful creative development and preview showing in Hong Kong, Bubble is set to premiere in Sydney in 2018.

"It was like nothing I had ever seen. I became a child again"

"It was like seeing the Big Bang, or molecules up close, things too big or too small for a human to experience"

"At first I thought it was for kids, by the end I was fighting back tears"

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