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Creative Flow

Support Material 

Creative Flow is 9 x 90 minute online workshops designed and run by artists with the support of "play and wellness" experts.


It employs multiple consultants to mould innovative and compelling structured, art based sessions, for at risk regional communities, to increase reliance and creativity.

We have a proven track history of delivering high calibre online workshops.

Our most recent success was Creative Chill - which had a focus on playing learning new skills:

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Creative Chill.jpg

Creative Flow

The focus of Creative Flow is giving communities an opportunity to experience their own creativity in a new way, and helping them use that creativity within their day to day lives.

It's not focused on making great art, its about feeling fantastic.

 "GAS create highly engaging participatory projects that facilitate community activity and action (...) their works have the capacity to enable behavioural change and other forms of cultural transformation." 

Dr Cathy Hope - Canberra University

What participants of previous online workshops have said:

Maurice and Matthew managed to very effectively create a right brain experience of creating art with a wonderful balance of encouraging creativity, confidence, art history and fun. I found I was completely absorbed during each session with excellent audio and visuals, and grew with confidence each time.

Deb Vanderhoek

I loved it. It was such a highlight in my week. It enabled me to tap into my creative self, something buried for a long time. (The boys have been very encouraging. My youngest son Simi has just popped in to nanas to a easel. ) Can’t wait till your paint class!


Michelle Rubins 

Before working with Maurice, I knew I wanted to go to another level with my creative pursuits. However, I wasn't sure how to make that happen. Maurice provided practical advice on how to move forward – and so began my exploration into the world of art. Without a doubt, this mindset shift has been valuable and rewarding. 


Valerie Khoo

As a musician the creative chill sessions have inspired me beyond all expectations. I am more in my body, and I have started to explore a delicious unfettered form of creativity.    


Danny Yeadon 

What our previous online workshops feel like:

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