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Creative Chill Sessions

Super-sizing your creative mind in TWO fun live online courses:

Break-Through and Re-Creating

Join us to fast track your creative intuition, and beat creative block & negative self judgement.

Each course runs over three sessions of 90 minutes each. 

Graduates who want to book into Creative Chill Sessions Two go to the bottom of the page and book in Now.

"I'm not an artist and it was a surprise how it transposed into other areas of my life as I immediately started a new bigger garden and redecorated the office... we even risked doing a garden sculptural archway"

Andreas L. Manager


"Maurice provided practical advice on how to move forward... Without a doubt this mindset shift has been one of the most valuable and rewarding directions in my life."
Valerie Khoo Ceo, Business Leader
"Such a highlight in my week" Michelle Rubins therapist

We present Live Online Art Classes that are really about Creative Thinking.


We call them Creative Chill Sessions.

They're not like any art class you've seen before... It's about connecting to your creative brain. They're delivered Online & Live in Small Groups.

We use Abstract Art to:


  • Develop techniques to beat creative block

  • Stop negative self judgement

  • Access your creative flow and intuition 

  • Build creative skills and discipline 

  • ​Find freedom and confidence in composition

  • Explore a bold use of colour

  • Experiment with form and scale

  • Make exciting art

  • Have Fun!

Course One:


Our foundation course focuses on abstract drawing and is about having a creative breakthrough experience. You'll learn that you're a whole lot more creative than you ever imagined...


And it's a huge amount of fun! And no experience needed.


You'll learn exciting foundational skills about technique and composition, how to switch on your intuition and methods for over-riding self-judgement so you experience effortless creativity.

Course Two:


(For graduates of CCS2, Break-Through)

Creative Chill Sessions 2 is a fun, evolutionary adventure, in three parts using paint.

This intermediate course explores abstract use of colour, composition & testing out fearlessness.


When you want life to be even better, it's time to re-create. You're going to play with paint, colour and composition in really exciting ways. You'll learn some intelligent new skills to give you greater mastery over your creative work.

Pastels 4.jpg

Creative Chill ONE - the creative Break-Through 

Current Sessions:

  • Saturday Mornings

  •  9.15 - 11am:  18, 25, July, 1 Aug

Australian Eastern Standard Time

Creative Chill Sessions ONE

Session One: 90 mins

This session is a confidence and skill builder.

You'll get a package from us in the post with your art materials.

Remember, don't open it

until class!

You'll learn:

-The power of great composition

-Being courageous with colour

-How music can transform your creative ability

Creative Chill Sessions ONE

Session Two: 90 mins

This session breaks through old barriers.


You'll learn how to:

-Switch on your intuitive creativity... and switch off negative mental judgement

-Confidently use colour and expressive movement in your creative flow

-Shortcut the process to create awesome abstract artworks... anytime

Creative Chill Sessions ONE

Session Three: 90 mins

This session is about fun and making bold choices. Together we'll be making a large work.

You'll learn:

-How to give your creative-self the room to experiment


-A powerful step by step process to develop your creative ideas whenever you need it

-The confidence to produce large dynamic works

Creative Chill TWO - "Re-Creating"... introducing PAINT!

Current Sessions:

  • Wednesday Evenings

  • 6.15 - 8pm:   8, 15, 22 July

Australian Eastern Standard Time

13.-art copy.png
Creative Chill Sessions TWO,


Workshop One is about colour and the incredible choices paint can offer us. 


We are going to :

-get messy creating colours from scratch

-Learn what causes colour to zing

-Learn why some colours are really interesting and others dull

-Add music to access your expertise in using colour

Creative Chill Sessions TWO,


Workshop Two is about the three elements that cause creativity to soar  ...using paint

We will explore 3 tools… 

-Your memory which holds an extraordinary library of rules around colour, 

-Specific skills that will make using your brushes and combining colours easier and fun

-Powerful methods of freeing-up your imagination to create unique compositions.

Creative Chill Sessions TWO,


Workshop Three takes you on a courageous and daring adventure .

We're going to: 


-get fearless with painting & drawing 

-Experience breakthroughs by re-shaping existing works

-Learn how to get innovative with your paint placement

-Create a major work by bringing together everything you have learned

Please let me know when there are more workshops!!!

Ok talk soon!

About the Goldberg Aberline Studio

'GAS' have a global reputation for producing colourful and energetic art. Their works centre around ideas of creativity, wellness, fun and community.


Their influential works have been shown at the United Nations General Assembly, The World Trade Centre and throughout Europe. Their studio is based in Sydney.

Artist / Teacher

Maurice Goldberg

Maurice has been an architect and business leader before adding "artist" to his list of accomplishments. He loves engaging with individuals and communities to create new ideas and opportunities. He sees creativity as a way of thinking that can be applied to every part of our lives

Artist / Teacher

Matthew Aberline

Matt has been an artist and designer for over twenty years. He was a mentor and tutor for postgraduate design students before concentrating on his own artistic career. He is particularly passionate about putting the "public" into "public art" and loves engaging with communities

"I was completely absorbed , and grew with confidence each time."
Deborah Vanderhoek Entrepreneur 


"I'm a professional musician and they inspired me beyond all expectations.
I have let go of controlling things & have started to explore a delicious unfettered form of creativity"
Danny Yeadon Musician
"my only intention was to have fun and I gained a sense of freedom to express and experiment like I never would have done on my own"
David Walker Facilitator
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