Art + Happy

Sculpture by the Sea 

and Regional NSW

& QLD Gallery tour


We are the Goldberg Aberline Studio. We are based in Australia, and we make large scale works of public art. We are a truly multi-disciplinary studio working across a wide range of mediums.


We create exciting art experiences

for festivals, governments, corporate

and public sector businesses and art museums.


Our motto is:

Art + Happy

Live for Love

Touring to

New York City



Our work is based on a constant quest to developresearch and create new ideas.

Our shared background in engineering, (Maurice at an architectural scale, and Matthew at an intimate human scale) allows us to create very unique art experiences. 

Our work is placed where the hand crafted object meets digital processes, and accordingly it has been increasingly important that our work maintains "the touch of the artist's hand".


We want to create in our viewers, feelings

of unexpected delight and joy.

We projected this video

on our 12m (36Ft) origami map

of Sydney Harbour

for VIVID and American Express

at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, to create a unique sculptural projection experience

The Artists

Maurice was an architect and a corporate leader. 

Matthew was a feature film and live performance designer. 


Together they created GAS to create 

immersive art 

experiences for art lovers around the world. 

"I needed a vibrant piece of art for our national conference at the Powerhouse Museum, and the collaboration with GAS couldn't have been easier or more effective."

Celia Paveloff

Marketing Director 


Australia Council

"We work with big demanding clients regularly and GAS exceed everyone’s expectations every time. 


Not only are they super creative but they respond to challenging briefs effortlessly. We love their work. “

Chris Skyner

Creative Director


Authority Creative 

“My collaboration with GAS for VIVID inside the Musuem of Contemporay Art was a dream. They bring an incredible level of creative power and determination.

They are part of my core team.”

Peter Adams

Creative Director 


Lateral Events

"I was really impressed by the beauty and scale of their work and how GAS responded amazingly to the technical restrictions of the site. 


I really look forward to working with them again very soon. "

Vickii Cotter

Managing Director

Visabel: Enlighten Festival / Floriade