Live for


A celebration of love

for all people

Live for Love is a celebration of love. It’s for all people, all ages, all races and all sexualities. It's big, bold and an explosion of colour and form. It’s been designed so that it can be mounted in different formats and respond to individual site specifics… indoor, outdoor, big or small. But mostly it’s a work that brings people back home to their hearts.


The work was originally created for Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and the City of Sydney to celebrate 40 years since the revolutionary march that catapulted Human and Sexual Rights into the main political and social agenda in Australia.


"The work is many things, it tells us about the good times, and the bad times, about how diverse our community is, but most importantly it is about celebration."

Matthew Aberline


When the work premiered in Sydney, it quickly became the emotional and physical hub for the 40th Anniversary celebrations, with very strong social media engagement.


The work is ingeniously designed into feature components which are interchangeable and customisable. 


The work uses a series of icons to tell its story - the butterfly for freedomthe gender diversity symbol, the pink triangle for repression, the AIDS ribbon for adversity, the heart for love, and a special Aboriginal symbol designed by artist Lawrence Shearer - for Inclusion.

"The symbol "Inclusion" is about a water hole where there is good fishing, where everyone is welcome to gather around the camp fire and dance."

Lawrence Shearer