I am an Artist. 

I use my experience

as an Architect and

as a CEO in Financial Services and Property to create 

immersive art experiences,

reimagining better futures and accelerating

positive change


Creating immersive

experiences that

cause social and

corporate change

background as


engineering /

spatial design

background as


Strategy /


• I was an architect (BA Hons) who moved from designing and building houses to designing and building businesses. I was always a disrupter and used all my creative skills to design a new integration of property (REINSW) and investment advice (Dip FP)  where Business Review Weekly saw me as one of the most dynamic CEO’s in Australia. 


• I love people, and causing positive change and growth. I'm passionate about creativity and it's power to solve most of our challenges. 

• Today I design social and organisational solutions using art and creativity.  I believe there is an express route to break-throughs and creativity is at it's core. 

• My work has been featured in The Collective Hub artist takeover, and I was a featured artist in YMagazine. My work around the Australian national identity for "Of Beauty Rich and Rare" was collected by Gillian Triggs (Human rights Commissioner).

I'm part of the



Studio (GAS)


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"When you are with Maurice, he is so intuitive he almost reads you like a business psychic, if there's such a thing. He knows the decisions you need to make and helps you to become consciously aware of what's inside, that you may not have realised yourself."

Dale Beaumont, Director - Business Blueprint

"Maurice's artwork around social positive change is inspiring. He has a unique and powerful way of sharing a vision that is hopeful and beautiful. His articulation of the complexities of the Australian psyche, and in particular diversity and inclusion, is captured in a wonderful way."

Gillian Triggs, Human Rights Commissioner

"Maurice has been one of the most extraordinary influences in my life... His wisdom, insights and intuition helped guide my direction, purpose and clarity. Knowing him is a true blessing."

Lisa Messenger, Founder and Publisher - The Collective Hub

Follow my creative journey on Insta: @goldbergaberlinestudio and @MauriceGoldberg