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This work was made from
Bubble Wrap, Biscuit Wrappers, Pasta and Salad Packets


is a large scale community art project 

that tackles waste, pollution and climate change 

It puts a value on something 'valueless' (single use plastics), and activates communities to change their consumption habits through the creation of art

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Through workshops, communities are engaged to create their own sheets of mosaics from their plastics.

This is where powerful conversations around waste, consumption and environmental best practice can happen including recycling, circular economies and sustainable power.


The next stage is to transform the mosaic sheets of single use plastics into enormous art inflatables - which are shown in galleries

Click to see some of the social media engagement material 

The project was developed with the:

Bega Regional Gallery,

Bega Valley Waste Management,

and the Grafton Regional Gallery and targets wide sectors of the community: school children to business associations

At the end of the project, the work is up-cycled into new products! 


NOW + uses ART to have powerful conversations and cause positive change

It is delivered live, and 

via ZOOM workshops

It is designed to engage with communities across Australia through regional councils and galleries

Our live
Zoom Workshops
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