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Creative Chill Sessions

It's an art class, but not like one you've seen before. Delivered online and live, join our art studio to find new ways to connect to our creativity. 


The fine print:

• Our workshops are delivered with ZOOM

• You'll need a flat surface area where you can work next to your device. All this creativity can get a bit messy so make sure your work area is set up for that. The kitchen table is cool.

• We will send you the art supplies we are going to work with. You'll need a postal address

• We use music in class, and it's great if it's loud. Headphones or plugged into a stereo is cool

• You'll be joining a small class and you will be interacting with others. So even though you're at home, please wear pants

    $249.00 Regular Price
    $196.00Sale Price
    Workshop Times