Red Air

A collaboration with Yindjibarndi artists:

Sharon and Kaye Warrie

Red Air is our exciting collaboration with fellow artists Sharon and Kaye Warrie from the Cheeditha Art community in the heart of Australia's Pilbara Desert. The work gives viewers the opportunity to participate in an immersive First Nations experience like no other.


This work expresses a deep respect for the oldest civilisation in the world, an acknowledgment of Australia’s indigenous and white history, a willingness to listen, and a desire to create a new and inclusive future. 


"We could see modern Australia was eager to connect to Indigenous culture to create a new future, but often didn’t know how."

Stories of the Land

Sharon and Kaye are part of the Cheeditha Art group, a small Aboriginal community in Australia's Pilbara Desert.


Their work is about finding new ways to keep their stories and culture alive, and the forms and colours they see in their country.


The work features the Yindjibarndi symbol and their strong ochre colours reflect those colours used for body painting for ceremonies. 


It draws upon vivid childhood memories - their mother taking them out on Country, showing and telling the stories of the marks on the land.

The Artists

“Our collaboration is about the celebration of the distinctly 

First Nation aesthetic

and merging it seamlessly 

with a contemporary 

Australian sensibility.”