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About the Artists:

Peter J Adams

From his home in Rutherglen, Country Victoria, Peter has a global arts practice collaborating with major scientific and arts leaders to help tell their stories in live and precorded formats.  

He passion for exploring the natural world is expressed by having collaborated with Sir David Attenborough and Professor Brain Cox several times:

The Goldberg Aberline Studio are artists that are based in Sydney and have collaborated with Peter J Adams several times, including VIVID inside the MCA.


A reoccurring theme in their work is how clusters of organisms work together to create better environments. Their work "Microbial" about antimicrobial resistance and super bugs was shown at the United Nations General Assembly in NYC and was slated to show at the World Health Organisation before Covid19 hit. Hmm ironic...

Since then, they have pivoted to become leaders in online collaboration with an impressive LIVE workshop format (Aberline is a scholarship graduate from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School - bringing a strong screen culture to their practice) and now collaborate with galleries and festivals creating both physical and virtual works. 

They have a particular focus on how creativity effects wellness, and have been conducting their online "Creative Chill Sessions" with creative people across Australia and the US.

The goal is to create a artwork that draws upon illustrative works created by the State of Victoria created through uplifting workshops, and incorporate them into a large PHYSICAL work.


The work is also created in a 3D VIRTUAL environment which audiences can explore by adapting their smart phones with Google Cardboard, turning their devices into simple VR devices.


Below is a brainstorm-sketches of what the installation and virtual worlds might be like...


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Maurice Goldberg - +61 (0)411 728 292

Matthew Aberline - +61 (0)408 463 809

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