We engineer art to create

happiness and engagement

We create excitement through 

immersive art experiences

for individuals, organisations

and public spaces


We cause social and

corporate change


We leverage our experience in 

architecture, design 

and manufacturing to make

fine art and commissioned works

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40 Years of Love

Art Installation:

The universe explained

by giant inflatables

Art Installation:

Huge 3D origami prisms and kaleidoscope


Organisational change:

Become a brand people love

Fine Art Exhibition: 

The hand crafted object +

the digital process and the death of the artist



One of our signature works 

created from thousands of folded paper prisms and polygons,

with ever changing projections

that respond to the geometric 


The work is wall mounted, and typically is about 15m long by 2.4m high.

Originally developed for VIVID at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, commissioned by American Express.

"One of the most exciting things at VIVID this year"

"The Amex Lounge at the MCA is a MUST SEE"

Audience responses taken

from Instagram


Be a brand people love


We grow businesses by strengthening the visible heart of an organisation through art and creativity. We help businesses connect to their clients and employees in new ways.


Workshops led by Maurice Goldberg (listed three times by Business Review Weekly as one of Australia's most dynamic business thinkers) uncover a more real and likeable persona for your brand and a strategy is formed to share this with the world.


Together we create authentic messages 

and story telling for your organisation's

key values and goals. 

"Maurice is so intuitive he almost reads you like a business psychic, if there's such a thing. He knows the decisions you need to make and helps you to become consciously aware of what's inside, that you may not have realised yourself."

Dale Beaumont, Director - Business Blueprint



& Disruption


In our next fine art exhibition scheduled for June 2018, we ask "Is the Artisan dead?"

This work explores the collision of the hand crafted object

and automated digital processes.

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Comments about our last show,

"Of Beauty Rich and Rare"

"Goldberg's artwork around social positive change is inspiring. He has a unique and powerful way of sharing a vision that is hopeful and beautiful. His articulation of the complexities of the Australian psyche, and in particular diversity and inclusion, is captured in a wonderful way."


Gillian Triggs

Human Rights Commissioner


Bubble is a giant, colourful, inflatable art installation for Arts Festivals, galleries and public spaces. 

 It can be fun and tactile, or deep and immersive. Each viewer goes on a journey as it abstractly explores the evolution of life, death and the universe, as explained by brightly coloured inflatable shapes. 

After a successful creative development and preview showing in Hong Kong, Bubble has appeared in the Enlighten Festival in Canberra, and the Ovolo Hotel's Nishi Grand Staircase.

"It was like seeing the Big Bang, or molecules up close, things too big or too small for a human to experience"

"At first I thought it was for kids, by the end I was fighting back tears"

Hong Kong Preview Comments


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