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An introduction to everything you need to know: hand rendering, digital, printing and sewing

Fabric Design Made Easy...

Ever wanted to design your own fabric?

And then turn it into a fabulous useful, something like a wall hanging, a bag, a simple blouse or some cushions… but don’t have the knowledge or the confidence to know how to do it?



We hold your hand through the whole process including Designing, Printing and Making something you’d love, in a four week evening course, with Matthew and Maurice at the Goldberg Aberline Studio in Chippendale.


As we keep on doing more colourful, exciting installations at the GAS studio we regularly get excited messages from people asking where they could learn how to create amazing, colourful fabrics. So we thought let’s do some studio classes where you can have an experience of being the creator yourself, from beginning to end!

Session One:

Everyone can create art. Let us take you through some fun break-thru processes to put colour on paper so that you have some great first stage designs

Session Two:

Here you will learn how to manipulate your designs from the first class by using technology including apps on your laptop, mobile or iPad . It’s really simple and fun once you know the secrets

Session Three:

Using the digital artwork you created in lesson two we will now show you how to transform that into a print that will be compatible with the best printing method.   This will set you up for creating that “something” in lesson five. We will also share with you some simple plans that you can use such as a cushion, serviettes, tote bag, and a simple blouse.   

Session Four:

There are many ways to print and many fabrics that could be used. On demand, sublimation, screen printing, polyesters, cotton etc. We will explore the benefits of each and then do a site visit to one of our favourite printers Here you will  learn how to do short run, on-demand, permanent printing and you will see your own design come off the machine.

Maurice Goldberg

Maurice is an old fashioned artist, he likes to use paint and get messy. He makes our artwork look like real people did it with messy fingers.

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Matthew Aberline

Matt is the tech guy with a back ground in fashion and manufacturing. He'll make sure you work looks great when it hits the printers. 

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